Our Vision


Our vision is to connect people with God and others so that together we can be a true community of Christ Followers.     The very heart and soul of Foothills Community Church is in a growing network of multiplying community groups.  These groups, called “LIFE Groups” (Lives Impacted For Eternity,) are designed to meet the needs of each person, as well as allowing each person to minister to others.  As such, the LIFE Groups replace most of the programs that traditional churches utilize.

     Another component of Foothills Community Church is expansion and reproduction.  Our vision does not merely involve the planting of one church as an end to itself.  We want our church to be a reproducing church which intentionally starts other churches to multiply its outreach.  These will, hopefully, include churches that focus on a variety of cultural groups.

     Finally, we intend Foothills Community Church to have outreach beyond the Southern California area and throughout the entire world.  From our outset, global missions have had a high profile as a vital ministry of our church.  We want our people to be involved by praying for missions, by giving to missions, and by going out as missionaries.

     Is all this totally original and unique?  Not really, because all of these things can be clearly seen in the Book of Acts shortly after the birth of the Church.  In reality, we are getting back to the timeless truths that result in the effective building of Christ’s Kingdom worldwide.