Sunday On the Patio Fellowship
9:30 AM

Sunday Celebration
10:00 AM

Children's Program during the Celebration

Nursery Available

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Our Mission


Our Mission is to be a caring community that attracts, wins, trains and involves those without a church home throughout the greater San Gabriel Valley for the glory of God through:                                       


  • modeling authentic Christianity,
  • relational networking,
  • focusing on loving and caring for people, and
  • preparing people for, and involving them in, what God is doing worldwide.


Or, in other words: 


We exist to be a caring community that is making more and better followers of Jesus Christ for the glory of God



Goals and Values



Core Values can always be seen in the goals and objectives of an organization because these express what is truly valued.  Consequently, we desire Foothills Community Church to:


  • bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ,
  • be known as a worshipping and praying church,
  • have a continuous network of growing and multiplying community groups,
  • realize the majority of growth from new people being introduced to God,
  • raise up and train leaders from within,
  • care as much for those outside our church as for those already inside,
  • reproduce our self through planting a variety of new churches, and
  • support and send out missionaries throughout the world.